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Colorado Wireless Exchange provides fast affordable internet connections!

Prices effective Jan 2017

Service Type* Membership** Monthly Shares Fair Share
Up to 5mbps down
Up to 1.5mbps up
$100 $45/mo One 100kbps average
up to 30GB/mo
Up to 9mbps down
Up to 2mbps up
$100 $65/mo Two 200kbps average
up to 60GB/mo
Up to 5mbps down
Up to 1.5mbps up
$150 $50/mo) Two 200kbps average
up to 60GB/mo
Up to 10mbps down
Up to 2.5mbps up
$150 $65/mo) Four 400kbps average
up to 120GB/mo
Additional Shares N/A $15/mo Plus One 100kbps/ea
additional 30GB/mo

* Service speeds are limited by the wireless technology and capacity available. All service plans are not available in all areas. Afternoons, evenings, and other high use periods, may be slower. See Fair Share policy on service info page. Some remote areas, serviced by slower equipment, may be significantly slower.
** Membership fee includes a basic install.

The prices quoted in the table above, are the total due for monthly payments. There are no hidden fees for equipment rental, early termination, or other purposes.

Most families with one or two computers active, will find the 5mbps down plan provides reasonable service most of the time, including streaming Basic quality video a few hours a week.

Larger families, with multiple computers active, and more than a few hours of streaming video a week, will find that service with two or more shares will improve the internet experience for the whole household.

Check out other information on the Service Info page , and be on your way towards faster internet access!

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